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With more than 1300 suppliers, we assure the procurement of your industrial requirements - ranging from electric motors, valves, pumps over to cables, connectors, electric tools and much more.
Here you can find an overview over our products. Please send us an enquiry directly and we will inform you about the particular prices and delivery time.
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Article no.Name
2300-Z003transport box
2304Digital ohm meter
2304-V005battery operated microohmmeter
2316-P001equipment and documentation software
2316-Z002program processing selector
2381clamping device
2381-V001clamping device
2382Lclamping device
2383clamping device
2383-Z010Clamp jaw set
2383-Z011Clamp jaw set
2383-Z012Clamp jaw set
2385-V001measuring tongs
2385-V020measuring tongs
2386-V001measuring tongs
2388wire protection stripe
2392-V001temperature sensor
7281-V0001Mobile High Precision Calibrator and Testing Device
8402-6010-S000S000Miniatur Compression Load Cell
8431-5050-N000S000Miniature Compression Load Cell
8431-5050-N00ES000Miniature Compression Load Cell
8431-5200-N000S000Miniature Compression Load Cell
8431-5500-N00ES000Precision Miniature Tension and Compression Load Cell
8435-5200-N000S000Tension and Compression Load cell
84DKD-84DZ-5500calibration certificate
84WKS-84DZ-6200calibration certificate
8523-5200-S000S000Precision Tension and Compression Load cell
8524-6005-SF00S000Tension and Compression Load cell
8524-6005-SL00S000Precision Tension and Compression Load cell
8524-6010-S000S000Precision Miniature Tension and Compression Load Cell
8524-6020-N000S000Precision Tension and Compression Load cell
8524-6020-S000S400Tension and Compression Load cell
8526-6001Compression Load cell
8526-6100-S000S000Compression Load cell
8526-6500-NXR0S000Compression Load cell
8580-V008Load control button
85DKD-85DX-6200calibration certificate
85DKD-85DZ-5500calibration certificate
85WKS-85DX-6200calibration certificate
85WKS-85DZ-6200calibration certificate
8661-Z001mountin block
8712-10Potentiometric Displacement Sensor
8712-25Potentiometric Displacement Sensor
8712-50Potentiometric Displacement Sensor
87WKS-87XXcalibration certificate
9243amplifier module
9243-IP65instrumentation amplifie module
9250-V000010instrumentation amplifie module
92ABGCalibration of entire measuring chain
9900-K333interface cable
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