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Electronic procurement and MRO services by the Eagleland Industrie GmbH

Eagleland Industrie GmbH offers services in the sector procurement and delivery of industrial constructions and MRO goods. More than 1300 suppliers of quality products are included in our processes. We create individual concepts around your industrial requirements of MRO goods so that your procurement processes will be easier, faster and more cost-efficient.


We offer quality products in the field of robotic technology and automation from selected suppliers. We obtain for you the tools and spare parts you need for your production:
- Gripper
- Exchangeable discs
- Conductors and cables
- Hoses

Delivery program

With more than 1300 suppliers, we assure the procurement of your industrial requirements - ranging from electric motors, valves, pumps over to cables, connectors, electric tools and much more.
Here you can find an overview over our products. Please send us an enquiry directly and we will inform you about the particular prices and stock quantities.

Delivery program
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