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With more than 1300 suppliers, we assure the procurement of your industrial requirements - ranging from electric motors, valves, pumps over to cables, connectors, electric tools and much more.
Here you can find an overview over our products. Please send us an enquiry directly and we will inform you about the particular prices and delivery time.
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Article no.Name
1131750-01Absolute encoder
277236-01interface card
298399-01Connecting Cable
298399-09Connection cable
298399-10Connecting Cable
298401-15connecting cable
309777-01Connecting Cable
309777-01EConnecting Cable
309777-02Connecting Cable
309777-05Connection cable
311130-01read head
311130-04read head
331923-01interpolation electronik
332433-10connection cable
354319-07adapter cable
354379-07connection cable
358701-05measuring system
366403-06Incremental rotary encoder
369124-03adapter cable
369129-03adapter cable
375133-02incremental length gauges
383963-02length gauge
383963-03length gauge
521317-31repair package
529732-16read head
532727-14distribution drum
533631-03adapter cable
535046-N2connection cable
536398-01Interpolation and Digitizing Electronics
536422-20Interpolation and Digitizing Electronics
536422-21Interpolation and Digitizing Electronics
536422-21EInterpolation and Digitizing Electronics
557647-17measuring system
558362-03adapter cable
589614-0Mincremental encoder
589614-0Zincremental encoder
589614-2CRotary encoders with integral bearing
589614-4Eincremental encoder
605357-06linear encoder
605379-1Llinear encoder
643450-03adapter cable
667590-01angle encoder
667785-01angle encoder
689678-21sealed linear encoder
689697-08Linear encoders
689697-42Linear encoders
760910-04length measuring instrument
760912-02Linear encoders
760912-03Linear encoders
760912-05Linear encoders
760916-04Linear encoders
760916-09Linear encoders
760916-17Linear encoders
760943-18length measuring device
760943-19length measuring instrument
770902-17mounting rail
770902-18mounting rail
805452-03adapter cable
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