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With more than 1300 suppliers, we assure the procurement of your industrial requirements - ranging from electric motors, valves, pumps over to cables, connectors, electric tools and much more.
Here you can find an overview over our products. Please send us an enquiry directly and we will inform you about the particular prices and delivery time.
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Article no.Name
D-042J-05pressure spring
D-044pressure spring
D-050Apressure spring
D-052Cpressure spring
D-053Apressure spring
D-063pressure spring
D-063Lpressure spring
D-068A-01pressure spring
D-073pressure spring
D-075pressure spring
D-075Epressure spring
D-080Gpressure spring
D-085Cpressure spring
D-090M-01pressure spring
D-090Wpressure spring
D-090W-01pressure spring
D-096pressure spring
D-101pressure spring
D-103pressure spring
D-104pressure spring
D-110pressure spring
D-110Cpressure spring
D-115Epressure spring
D-115H-01pressure spring
D-117Kpressure spring
D-117Npressure spring
D-117Qpressure spring
D-117Spressure spring
D-119pressure spring
D-122double leg spring
D-127Dpressure spring
D-143Gpressure spring
D-143H-10pressure spring
D-143Jpressure spring
D-145D-01pressure spring
D-145DApressure spring
D-145DCpressure spring
D-145Fpressure spring
D-150Cpressure spring
D-151pressure spring
D-152Apressure spring
D-173Dpressure spring
D-179Npressure spring
D-180Apressure spring
D-180Jpressure spring
D-180M-23pressure spring
D-180Npressure spring
D-186pressure spring
D-198pressure spring
D-206Bpressure spring
D-207JOpressure spring
D-207KJpressure spring
D-207Mpressure spring
D-212pressure spring
D-212Hpressure spring
D-224pressure spring
D-227A-08pressure spring
D-230pressure spring
D-232pressure spring
D-232Dpressure spring
D-233Bpressure spring
D-234Fpressure spring
D-257pressure spring
D-263V-19pressure spring
D-263VHpressure spring
D-277pressure spring
D-278B-10pressure spring
D-284pressure spring
D-288Vpressure spring
D-288Z-02pressure spring
D-307pressure spring
D-313E-10pressure spring
D-339Pcompression spring
D-436pressure spring
DSF-210double leg spring
P.150576pressure spring
RZ-036NIextension spring
RZ-041XExtension Springs
RZ-060E-01Iextension spring
RZ-074Iextension spring
T-18708Lleg spring
T-18733Ltorsion spring
T-18733Rtorsion spring
T-18835Ltorsion spring
T-18835Rtorsion spring
VD-045Apressure spring
VD-053Apressure spring
VD-087pressure spring
VD-090Xpressure spring
VD-115Lpressure spring
VD-143Ppressure spring
VD-173CKpressure spring
VD-180Cpressure spring
VD-180Kpressure spring
VD-207JGpressure spring
VD-207K-01pressure spring
VD-207Mpressure spring
VD-207M-01pressure spring
VD-212Dcompression spring
VD-230pressure spring
VD-232A-04-1000pressure spring
VD-233E-10pressure spring
VD-313A-02pressure spring
VD-344Bpressure spring
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